A few weeks ago I was invited to join the new Embarcadero Community Evangelist program primarily as a result of my work here on The TIndex but also my work with ADUG (both online and off).

As it turned out I was already fulfilling most of the requirements of the program between the TIndex site, the ADUG Members Blog and my regular presentations at Sydney ADUG meetings so thought I may as well enjoy the benefits of the program. These benefits aren’t massive but they will save me a few dollars each year and should definitely help me contribute more to the Delphi community.

I had some concerns that signing on to this program would mean I would be prohibited from criticising Embarcadero but I was assured this wasn’t the case and the example of some existing technology partners was given to me. Of course everything has its limits but if I had nothing but consistently negative criticisms to make of Embarcadero I think I’d probably voluntarily resign from the program and most likely change development tools as well.

My approach as Community Evangelist will be the same as it has always been. I’ll talk about the parts of Delphi that I like and use and for the most part ignore the parts I don’t. That might sound a bit one-sided but I’m not and never have been a reviewer. I want to help you explore the best parts of Delphi not waste my time with features that might still be underdone. Ask me my opinion on those features though and I’ll give you an honest answer.

So consider yourself evangelised ;-)

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  1. #1 by LachlanG on August 23, 2012 - 11:56 am

    As it turns out you haven’t been evangelised, you’ve been MVPed.



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